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 nick03-47-13 28-09-2016

Jodi, priviet friend !

Glad to see u ! We great met the start of Internet. Never be after only at our time. Your gif-movies were exellent. Roby was good in music.
retro brooknook site

 Jody01-43-32 16-09-2016

Nick bo is that you?? its me Jody from Brooke nook

 nick20-41-29 22-06-2014

Priviet, Fotiny

Was at Crete. The beautiful Island, and felt the breathing of Greece.
More at the Tiffany Club

 nick17-06-40 10-04-2014

Priviet, Fotiny, friend

Latest time immersed in my math researches. Looked great comedy Sitting Pretty, 1948, starred Clifton Webb, O'Hara and Robert Young. A movie to make good mood. Priviet!!!

 Tiff11-59-31 09-04-2014

Priviet my friend!
How are you?

 nick17-48-47 08-03-2014

Great 1979-th year, a calm time..
Appeared the Net movie JYaMKid!

 tiff00-33-37 03-03-2014

Priviet my friend. I uploaded a new Brooke picture.

 nick23-46-00 02-02-2014

Antique Greece, picture..
here snowed snowed..

Kalisphera, friend

 tiff03-10-38 30-01-2014

Kalispera Nick!!!

Thank you!!

 nick22-34-52 22-01-2014

Going to the country, relax !!!!!

Kalispera, friend, good mood !
Have put New pics on the notebook
(The Tiffany Club)..

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