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 Tiff19-59-29 10-01-2014

That was funny Nick :-)

 nick15-28-40 10-01-2014

Girlzz smile to great fan-deals :)

Priviet, friend, and look on the BLOG
i've put funniest YOUTTUBE link, kalimera!!
Album is common with the notebook

 Tiff04-12-31 09-01-2014

:-D :-D :-D

 nick23-05-36 08-01-2014

Yes, Fotini, thanks!
Met old pages labeled 2002 year...
(press fan page) its unforgetable!
They are superrare :)
And all all pics saved on Laser Disks !
There is BLOG (to put pics/greece)
Oh, those girlzzz of R. Kleiser

 tiff20-02-59 08-01-2014

Great job Nick. i see you have kept my album :-)

 nick22-21-42 07-01-2014

is ready !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to
The Brooke Shields Super Starr 2014!!! (press!)
New mooodeernn BLOG!!! (press)

Register there (and Reply, i'll help u). For the fans of 2003-2007 years!!

 Tiff04-47-20 07-01-2014

ok Nick :-)

 nick20-58-38 05-01-2014

A patience!!

I will do new forum, mooore good one!!

 Tiff20-40-23 05-01-2014

I wrote Greek words put they didn't show up :-(

 Tiff20-39-22 05-01-2014

That's great Nick!!!
I hope you will.
Crete is beautiful.
I will teach you Greek words if you want to :-)

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