super 03.07.14 03:07:38

Νικο looks Club

The Crete album of Nick (Juny, 2014) To feel the breathing of Greece

nick 03.02.14 12:02:59

Pat and Patashon: Danish bw-komedy, relax: ON YOUTUBE

nick 12.01.14 06:01:43

Allen: listen, she doesn't know just where is the gas-handle!


Fotini, friend, use the easier way (album it's common now)

tiff 12.01.14 05:01:02
it's ok, if i want to post a picture i will post it at It's easier for me.
The same is

Thanks Nick :-)

tiff 12.01.14 05:01:10
nick: some help

img-name is files/brooke-fotini.jpg

nick 12.01.14 04:01:55
Kalimera, Fotini !

Logined input need against spammers!
During years they put much spam at the old club, so that message-band was closed to links.

They are very very bad, need to defence.


Long time Brookie was under the strong mom will. Mom is who formed her. Maybe, and now, she is nothing besides of her. These people, mom and her father, grew at the after-world-war America, and leaved her.

Yahoo used the same commands to form central page. I put latest pics: we can choose order, size, ets.. ! if to press, they will arise. It's complicate, but real and artisty. We can make compositions, add and change messages, it's much more interesting. Reedited page is grandious instrument, it's near to journal.

The Brooke Shields Super Starr 2014!

Greece notebook

Greece, it's more late appearance, then Messopotamia civilisation.
More developed system of gods.

Maybe Jesus it's Zeus ?? Kronos, Xronos... Zeus Kronid

Sculpture Callypige, most antique cult of body

Relaxive mood, the time to go to theater.. can live 1000 years..


Under the stars, people lived near the sea and made theater to have relax on the nature. We know by Αἰσχύλος, Ἀριστοφάνης (komedies).

Mykens Lion Gates

Antique Greece and Russian Forest :)

tiff 12.01.14 02:01:11
I think this way is a bit hard for me...

tiff 10.01.14 07:01:06

To show pict, it has to be uploaded and then shown by an insertion:

1) Text Editor has button File (press there), to upload new photo
Name the pictures like (to find easy): brooke_tiff01.jpg or so on.
2) Look by Edit button Here sample to insert brooke_tiff01.jpg:
Press <img>-button to <img src='files/brooke_tiff01.jpg' width='450'>

Club is simple and good way to share pics

Tiff album (this notebook):
To upload pict: press File-button, being at the editor of text!
more short way here is files/brooke_tiff01.jpg
(Edit button, then File opens the tiffany album)

nick 07.01.14 09:01:56

The Tiffany Brooke Portal and Reedited Page

The Brooke Shields Super Starr 2014!

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